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First heart beat
After a couple of weeks being out of action, I have finally had a day to finish adjustments to my clock. 
Maybe waxing a little poetic here but isn't it a special moment it is when after those long moments of adjusting this and that. Getting the weight finally sorted out and holding my breath as the escapement wheel has one of those "spins of death". Then it happens...  one, two three beats and so on. It's alive!

I have certainly learned a lot about my clock in the last 2 months. 

Dave, Thanks for your wonderful instruction booklet and videos it would have been tough without them.

For the most part things went together well considering I have very few tools, having downsized last year, so time might have been saved if I had a disc/belt sander and a pedestal drill.
 I was able to use a trusty Dremel, a drill and hand tools. Things worked out fine.

Some problems I encountered were as follows.
Ball bearings were tighter than I expected to place on the tubes. I needed to work a bit on polishing the brass tubes and moving them into place.
The drive wheel had 10mm movement (wobble), even with the needle bearing snug in its hole in the wheel, enough to allow it to contact the escapement wheel. There is a lot of force on that bearing so I added a small 20mm Dia by 10mm thick ply disc glued to the drive wheel and another roller bearing. Its solid now even if a bit overkill.

I made a test stand, and it helped a lot while I was adjusting things and putting things together. Getting ready to put it above the fireplace in a position of honor.

Thats about it for now.

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