A collection of all available tutorials, although they are mostly specific to a certain clock some are also relevant to other clocks.
But I would recommend just taking a look through all the tutorials just to get a feel for how clocks come together and work.
The Elusive Tick
Tutorial showing how to reduce friction and general tips on how to get your clock running.
Relevant to all the clocks.
Making of the Quartus
Shows the making of the Quartus but contains tips relevant to all of the clocks, such as how to remove parts from the ply sheets.
Ball Bearings
Principally made for the Sextus but as it shows how to use ball bearings in my clocks relevant to all clocks with ball bearings:-Sextus, Septimus, Octavus, Nonus, Duodecimus and Tredecimus
Making of the Sextus
Making of the Octavus
Making of the Undecimus
Duodecimus Grashopper
Assembling the Duodecimus
Also shows the assembly of the daisy wheel hour hand gearing also used in the Primus.
Tredecimus drop weight
Tredecimus Minute Arbor
This tutorial shows the assembly of the minute and hours hands and their respective gearing.
Also relevant to :- Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Sextus, Septimus, Undecimus and Duodecimus.
Tredecimus Escapement
Tredecimus Ball Lift