I take great care in designing and putting together my kits and plans and my clocks have been built by customers all over the world as can be seen in the gallery.
    I guarantee all materials in my kits and if any should prove to be defect I will ship replacements straightaway.
    I further guarantee that my kits when correctly assembled will produce a fully functioning clock.
    The only thing I can not guarantee are your abilities, please download the instruction samples for the clock you wish to build, which will help you better asses the task.


      My kits and cogs are CNC routed which is slower and more expensive than laser cutting but therefore the parts do not have the burnt edges as with a laser, the exception being the Undecimus which is laser cut.
      The plywood I use for the kits is birch plywood. For all parts, apart from the frame, I use aviation grade plywood which has grade A faces and 2 plies for each 1 mm so a 5 mm thick sheet has 10 plies, this makes it very stable and robust. The frames I laminate myself from 4 mm 3 ply stock.

      I use brass screws and rods wherever possible but steel where the part is not visible or not available in brass.
     All kits include fully printed A4 instructions and when you have purchased the kit you will have access to its online 3D model .


    Whether paper or DXF plans they contain all the information required to make that clock.
    You will also have access to the 3D online model for your clock.
    To test your setups compatibility with the DXF files I offer, please click below.




     If your order needs to arrive before a specific date please get in touch before you order so we can check options/feasibility.


     I use DHL for all parcels. The parcels are registered, which means you will have to sign for them upon delivery.

      When the parcel reaches its destination land, it will be delivered by the national parcel service of that land, for example in the UK the Royal Mail or USA the USPS.

      Once I have shipped I will send you a tracking link . As long as the parcel is still in Germany it will be updated regularly, but depending on how far the parcel must go it could take a while until it will be re-scanned in the destination land. Overseas parcels must of course first cross an ocean, during transit the tracking will not be updated, but it is very much still on the way.

      If after 6 weeks your parcel has not arrived, I will start a search enquiry and once that has shown that your parcel is lost I will re-send, but as mentioned this has not happened.

      As a rough guide here are a few delivery times

      Germany = 2-3 Days Europe = 2-4 Weeks    USA = 3-5 Weeks    Australia = 3-5 Weeks


      Smaller items I send with the normal German postal service and will be sent by air mail.
      The service includes no tracking. Delivery times can be quite erratic and it is very difficult to predict when your order will arrive. In the unlikely event that your order does not arrive within 6 weeks I will resend.

      I do also offer express shipping which generally takes 2-4 days worldwide, when you order select "express shipping quote". This option is not automated but I will send you a quote for the extra that express shipping will cause, upon approval I will send you a PayPal payment request.
Express will be at least a third more than normal shipping but could be up to four times the amount.


      I do not pass on or sell any customer information apart from name and address to the courier for shipping purposes. Neither will you receive mails from me unless pertaining to your order.
As payment is handled by PayPal or bank transfer I do not receive any credit card or bank account  info.