My plans and kits have been used to make hundreds of clocks all over the world and are tried and tested by makers of all skill levels.

      The comprehensive instructions as well as video tutorials guide you through each stage of the build and the forum offers a growing source of problem solutions.

      When you purchase a plan/kit then you have access to WOODENTIMERS which allows you to access 3D, fully navigable, online models of your clocks.

      Every stage of the build is covered, so no second guessing, and if you should get stuck, I am only an E-Mail away.

      So to answer the question, if you are prepared to try then you almost certainly can!


      If you are building one of my kits, basically not a lot. I would imagine if you ever do any kind of DIY then you probably have all the required tools already and if not they can be found at any hardware store for little cost.

      Neither do you need any dedicated workshop, as you can just as easily build your clock on the kitchen table.

      If you order the paper plans/DXF plans then you of course need a lot more tools.

      The truth is no amount of tools can ever replace the ingenuity of the maker.


      Any mechanical clock and especially a wooden one, is never going to be 100% accurate.

      All mechanical clocks are influenced by changes in humidity, air pressure and temperature change. The clocks I offer more so, less because they are made of wood but more because their pendulum as well as gear trains are exposed.

      If the climatic conditions remain fairly constant then the inaccuracy will hardly be noticed, but if for instance a big change in air pressure was to happen then the inaccuracy could be in excess of 5 minutes in a day.

      But then asked for the time would you say “five twenty-six and forty seconds” or would you say “half past five” ?????


      Each item on a clocks ordering page is clickable and will show you what is included in that item, if it is not listed it is not included !

      PAPER PLANS:- A3 full scale plans and ring bound A4 instructions.

      DXF PLANS:- Full scale DXF outlines of all parts including specific CNC info as well as the full instructions as PDF.

      HARDWARE:- All the hardware required to make the clock, which saves a lot of sourcing time.

      COMPLETE KIT:- These include all parts needed to make the clock, depending on model you may further need a drive weight, which can also be found on the ordering page for the models that need one.


      Usually I will process your order same day, at the latest next day, because of differing time zones some orders come in late at night here in Germany.

      DXF plans I will send by E-Mail when I have processed your order.

      If you order paper plans, hardware, the sundial or the Undecimus I will ship these straightaway.

      Complete kits I make on demand, but I will give you a shipping date, as well as a tracking number when sent, generally I will ship within 2-3 weeks depending upon workload.

      For more details about shipping times please see here:- SHIPPING